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A Simple Way to Feel Like You Have Way More Time

You don’t need to juggle your schedule or prune your commitments. You just need to do this. What if I told you the best and easiest way to start feeling like you have more time wasn’t to investigate your priorities or trim your commitments, but instead to add one more small item to your to-do list? You’d probably think I ... Read More »

How E-Learning Can Increase Employee Productivity

Skill gaps and lack of focus can be overlooked and without access to training, cause a big dent in productivity. What starts out as a legitimate Google search for an Excel tip, soon turns into a Wikipedia wormhole and waste of time. This scenario occurs in virtually every office with internet access, and is a definite obstacle to productivity. Encouraging ... Read More »

Turning Bad Meetings Into Productive Ones

Meetings that aren’t productive are harming the long-term prospects and aspirations of organisations today, according to performance improvement specialist, That People Thing. Speaking to TJ, the company’s CEO, Blaire Palmer, says that firms are wasting valuable resources and time in meetings that are not beneficial. She believes that companies need to think deeply about the agenda of the meeting before ... Read More »

Ask Questions

Most of the time, you can take better action if you ask a few questions first and then continue asking more. If you’ve been reading my column for a while, you’ll know I end each column with the same line: Until next time—add value and make a difference. Those aren’t just words—I mean them sincerely. Have you been taking them ... Read More »

In Learning, Size Matters

Microlearning has not only stood the test of time, it is uniquely suited to facilitate business in today’s largely informal, development-driven work environment. When customers call a bank, they are pleased to receive perfect, courteous service. When customers bring a car in for service, they don’t want to be told the job will take two extra days because the mechanic ... Read More »

A Thousand Miles Journey Begins With A Single Step

Posted By:Noah Chimonya on September 25, 2014 The first step began six months ago when the Spar team member group of 20 embarked on a management learnership entitled Team Member .The programme was spread over five modules with facilitation taking place 4 consecutive days each month, allowing the learners three weeks to complete their workplace assignments. Spar Distribution Centre use ... Read More »

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