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7 Management Lessons From a 7-Time CEO

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The way I manage companies has always deviated philosophically from standard textbook practices. Yet, as CEO of my now-seventh company, I can cite many, many practical tips I wish first-time CEO Jack Sweeney — circa 1993 — had known in order to make better management decisions. Looking back at my 22 years of setting management direction, building teams and analyzing ... Read More »

5 Easy Ways to Motivate – And Demotivate – Employees

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I’ll put it as simply as I can: There are an awful lot of unmotivated employees out there. With a recent national study showing that less than 1 in 4 non-management employees is fully engaged (aka, fully motivated and productive), there is, shall we say, ample room for improvement. And since an employee’s relationship with his or her direct manager ... Read More »

Ask Questions

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Most of the time, you can take better action if you ask a few questions first and then continue asking more. If you’ve been reading my column for a while, you’ll know I end each column with the same line: Until next time—add value and make a difference. Those aren’t just words—I mean them sincerely. Have you been taking them ... Read More »

Ramsay Shopfloor Leadership Development Programme – Group A

Dionysus - Shopfloor Leader  Cover-01

Posted By: Hugh Timm on August 18, 2014 We have recently had the pleasure of being entrusted with conducting a ShopFloor Leadership Development Program for Ramsay Engineering in Pietermaritzburg. The training intervention was of 24 ‘Team/Group Leaders’ with a total commitment from Senior Management to leverage the best possible outcome from the training. Senior Management had identified people development as ... Read More »

Velociti Project Manangement

The Velociti PROJECT MANAGMENT NQF Level 4 course has come to the end of the modular component of the training. The Velociti call centre environment that the learners work in is by its very nature a frenetic and demanding one where learners are constantly challenged by a busy and demanding environment. There have been instances during the course of the ... Read More »

An Interview with Irene James – CEO of Dionysus Skills Development Initiative (Pty) Ltd.

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Posted By: Olwethu Bandezi on Feb 27, 2014 I interviewed the CEO of Dionysus, Irene James recently. This dynamic lady, who has been in education and people development for over 40 years, still exhibits the passion (often accompanied by her no-nonsense approach) to issues in the training world. O.B:  Dionysus has been in business for 12 years. To what do ... Read More »

Velociti Project Management Module 2

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Posted By: Pat Pillay on Mar 04, 2014 The Project Management Learnership Programme was started in December 2013 with the Velociti Management Team, a group of high energy and talented individuals. Velociti is an energetic and vibrant call centre in the heart of Durban. The learners were grouped into the `Big Five` and `The Poachers`, a subtle reminder of fauna ... Read More »

Designed at Zero Cost by Learners;


Designed at zero cost by learners; using available recycled resources. Management was pleased with this great piece of creativity. This will go a long way in reducing shrinkage. The foundation has been laid, the seed has been sown and signs of germination are evident. What is left is to harness and motivate this group of learners’ to keep up the ... Read More »

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