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Mentor Training

Skills Programme: Mentor Training

Skills Programme: Guide learners about their learning, assessment and recognition opportunities
SAQA Number: 117874
Credits: 6
Level: 5

Skills Programme: Assist and support learners to manage their learning experiences
SAQA Number: 117865
Credits: 5
Level: 5

Duration: 2 days contact time.

Course Aim:
This skills programme prepares individuals to provide guidance and advice to learners. They are able to perform the mentoring and coaching role in the workplace.

At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify and analyse learner needs
  • Prepare and review and individual development plan
  • Provide guidance to learners
  • Maintain records of learner needs and guidance provided
  • Evaluate services provided
  • Source and maintain information to assist and support learners
  • Provide assistance and support to learners
  • Maintain records of assistance and support provided
  • Review support services.

Who should attend:
This training is for workplace mentors who are assigned the responsibility of mentoring-coaching candidates in the workplace.

Candidates prepare a Portfolio of Evidence during class, and demonstrate that they are able to mentor-coach a candidate.
Once the Portfolio is assessed, candidates are registered with the ETDP SETA, and receive a Statement of Results from the SETA, as well as a framed certificate from Dionysus.

Programme Assessment for Competence:
Candidates are provided with an easy to complete Portfolio of Evidence (PoE). The PoE is started during class time, and is completed once a candidate has been mentored through the process. The facilitator assesses this work, provides feedback, and if the candidate is competent, he/she is certificated by Dionysus and results are uploaded to ETDP Seta, who issues an official statement of results for the candidate once external verification of the results has taken place.

For further information contact Simphiwe Zuma:
on – 031 467 5640
or e-mail

See OPEN GROUPS TRAINING for the next date for Mentor training.

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