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SAQA Number:  59300

(Learnership in Transport Level 1 # 26 Q 260016 32 120 1)

Duration – 10 months contact time.

Course Aim:
The purpose of this qualification is to provide learners with entry-level knowledge skills and attitudes to work efficiently in areas where goods are stored and moved (such as warehouses). It focuses on the supply chain, relevant health, safety, security and environmental legislation, policies and practices, as well as life skills such as communication, numeracy, personal health, safety and development and work practices.


At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

From a workplace perspective:

  • Manage time
  • Plan, organise and manage workplace activities
  • Demonstrate safe behaviour as a road user
  • Understand managerial expertise and administrative capabilities
  • Utilise layout signs and signal communications
  • Explain the role of transport logistics
  • Explain occupational health and safety
  • Apply fire fighting techniques
  • Perform basic life support and first aid procedures
  • Prepare freight for storage and transportation
  • Describe the impact of customer service on a business

From a personal perspective:

  • Communicate more efficiently
  • Use numeracy more efficiently
  • Make personal decisions
  • Manage personal finances
  • Use a variety of strategies to learn
  • Understand HIV/AIDS
  • Understand chemical dependency and apply personal health care

Who should attend?

Any employee at shopfloor level who already has ABET 3 communication and numeracy skills and is employed in the production/manufacturing environment and needs to be given competencies to function more efficiently at this level, as well as the foundational skills to be career-pathed onto higher levels in the future.

The Fundamental Communication and Numeracy unit standards are the same as ABET 4 unit standards.  Therefore workplaces often choose to put their employees onto the learnership instead of ABET 4 in order to get these vital skills through a different route.

Programme Rollout and Modularisation:

This learnership leads to a full qualification, and is offered as 8 x 3 day modules over about 10 months (depending on workplace production peaks and downtimes).

It is preferred that the modules are done over three consecutive days every five to six weeks for maximum learning transfer to occur.

The modules are titled:

  • Personal Health and Well Being
  • Personal Management and Development
  • Workplace and Community Responsibilities
  • The Business World
  • Safety in the Workplace
  • Basic Geographical Principles and Mathematical Literacy
  • Freight, Storage and Transportation
  • Customer Service

Programme Assessment for Competence:

Candidates are provided with easy to complete “own work booklets” which combine to form the Portfolio of Evidence (PoE).  They start the PoE during class time, and complete a few tasks on their own between each module.  The facilitator assesses this work, provides feedback, and if the candidate is competent, he/she is certificated by the Transport SETA.  No exams are written.

For further information, download proposal or contact Simphiwe Zuma:
on – 031 467 5640
or e-mail

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