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GETC: Transport Greenable

GETC: Transport Greenable

Posted By: Phakeme Zungu on Feb 24, 2014

Our GETC: Transport training programme started on a high note with the learner’s still fresh and fueled up from their year end break everyone was ready to embark on anew journey of learning a new . Though everyone was looking excited on the first day,  none new how grueling the week was to be.

Module one covered Time Management where learners had to learn how to organise their own time and set their own goals to save time. They were also taken through road signs and demonstrating safe behaviour on the road – learners shared their stories about dangerous situations that they have encountered on the road. Some touching stuff came up when some of them shared that they have been knocked down by cars. The story of the day came from Nokuthula Sibisi who was knocked by a taxi and when she got to the hospital she refused to go for an ex-ray sighting that the accident happened in the early hours of the morning therefore she was still not properly geared and that embarrassed her when her secret was discovered at the hospital.

Overall it was an exciting Module where everyone engaged with one another for some of the tasks and the spirit of teamwork was truly present. We look forward to the next meeting where learners will hand over their workbooks and embark on Module 2.



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