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A Bouquet for Jacqui

A Bouquet for Jacqui

Posted By: Olwethu Bandezi on Feb 24, 2014

Tanya Miller [mailto:tanya.m@randa.co.za] Sent: 30 January 2014 06:35 PM
To: Irene James
Cc: Jacqui Adams
Subject: Thank you!

Dear Irene
I am currently doing the “Team Leader Skills” module with Jacqui and am sad to see that soon my modules will be complete.
Since I started last year I have gained an enormous wealth of knowledge as well as life skills.
I have taken to heart what I have learnt from Jacqui, who is a fantastic facilitator and applied it directly to my work environment and personal capacity as well. I must highlight that it is from the amazing  training received from Jacqui that has kept me motivated and inspired.  I find her to be extremely professional in her approach to each module and each of us in her class are treated with dignity and respect regardless of gender or race.

The examples and references she uses makes the learning practical and applicable.
I could not go another module without letting you know that I have enjoyed my modules and think very highly of my facilitator.

Thank you Jacqui for your amazing talent and your passion for each student and for sharing your knowledge with us. You have truly made an impact in my life.

Kind regards,


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