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Velociti Project Management Module 2

Velociti Project Management Module 2

Posted By: Pat Pillay on Mar 04, 2014

The Project Management Learnership Programme was started in December 2013 with the Velociti Management Team, a group of high energy and talented individuals.
Velociti is an energetic and vibrant call centre in the heart of Durban. The learners were grouped into the `Big Five` and `The Poachers`, a subtle reminder of fauna conservation in South Africa as well as the sensitivity around rhino poaching!

While businesses and organizations seek to get leaner and smarter in a highly competitive market environment and fragile economy, Project Management in combination with Innovation strategies are seen as critical business drivers to establishing sustainable company Cost Saving initiatives and/or Process Optimization / Re-Engineering.
Project Management formally refers to a set of well – defined methods and techniques for managing a team of people to accomplish a series of work tasks within a defined schedule and budget.

The emphasis adopted in this programme is on a systematic, participative, team-based and methodical approach to the project whilst focussing on the Project Life Cycle stages. With the knowledge and skills that will be acquired during the programme , the learners will be able to identify value adding projects and channel these into a Project Pipeline from which to systematically and methodically identify business bottlenecks. Ultimately, the goal will be to form a Project Management Office (PMO), which will be foundational to effective and efficient control of the Projects to successful completion.
Watch this space!!!


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