Thursday , 14 November 2019
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Gooderson Leisure – Final Summative Assessment

Gooderson Leisure – Final Summative Assessment

A close out session for the `People Management Essentials` Learnership Programme was held last week at the Gooderson Tropicana Hotel in Durban. Learners from Gooderson Tropicana, Private Property and BPB Construction engaged in this year- long learnership intervention since September 2016 and were duly rewarded and recognized for their monumental efforts.

One of the learners quipped on behalf of the rest of the group: ` This exciting programme has strengthened me to be a better person in the church, at work, my community and with my family. I feel strong and empowered to face my future with more confidence`.

I am so proud of all my learners! A report card of commitment and excellence could be drawn up for every single one of them! Yes, I took special pride in managing the group and the programme. They made us all proud with their herculean efforts of planning and presenting their fresh, creative ideas and suggestions with such authority, passion, confidence and maturity. While there was the initial tenseness and anxiety, an aura of confidence soon prevailed. All of the presentation ideas were relevant to business, practical and most certainly value-adding! I can`t wait to see some of these ideas implemented at the respective organizations!

The learners were also presented with their framed `Certificates of Completion` which they received with much excitement! Just reward for a challenging year of training and hard work!

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