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Dancing Around Business Administration 3

Dancing Around Business Administration 3

Treasure 1 When I grew up things weren’t going so well at home. Being raised by a single parent was very hard. All I thought about was that things will change because I have dreams which could lead me to change our circumstances.
At the age of 6, my brother taught me how to dance and it became part of my life. Ever since then… all I ever think about is being on the stage and allowing my awesome gift to shine through my body – because what I can do with my body is unbelievable and predictable.
Treasure 1 Dance

Dance 1
‘I believe we all have our specialty that God gave us, in order for us to connect to each other and inspire one another and make a living.’

Group 3

By continuing with my dancing just opens the doors to meet people, make new friends and family, and the joy it brings, makes me realize that maybe this is the path that God gave me.  

In October 2014, I enrolled on a Business Administration Level 3 Learnership at Dionysus. I wanted to continue to learn so that I could be more independent and gain more skills… it was my first step to take to build my career. The classes I attend build my self-esteem, give insight for the things I need to learn in the Business Environment such as;
• Planning and co-ordinating in the office
• Arranging meetings
• Finalizing online travel, car hire booking and accommodation
Dionysus has encouraged me and changed my life so that I could be what I want and for this I will do and go the extra mile…. So Dionysus is the umbrella of my dreams and many opportunities come along in my life.Group 4

When I first began working at Eden College, (to get my workplace experience) I was amazed at how welcoming the staff were. It was easy to fit into the administration department. The ladies were friendly and encouraging and I got started almost immediately with various tasks such as; packing away documents into particular alphabetical and numerical systems, printing, faxing, e-mailing, and working on the formats of certificates.Other logo
English is not my first language, but I found it reasonably simple to adjust to the environment and have good synergy with the staff and this increased our productivity.
It was also enjoyable to be working in the school because I can relate to how the children feel and I get along with them. I also had to deal with various conflicts between children. Group 5
I am exceptionally proud of being part of this working experience because I have built many strong relationships with staff members and parents. Additionally, I have learnt many new skills that will be beneficial for my future endeavors, particularly with the administration of the dance company that I have now become a part of. This is the next step of my journey.
Sibo Treasure Bhengu-Ngcobo

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