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GreenAble Learners’ Visit to GreenOffice

GreenAble Learners’ Visit to GreenOffice

Posted By: Jacqui Adams on July 03, 2014

There was some excitement during our AET 2, module 6 training with the GreenABLE learners this past month. As part of the learning process, learners visited the GreenOffice Packing and Main Production Line department.

We were received by Rowan and Brant from GreenOffice. The two gentlemen were to be our tour guides for the day and gave us an in-depth look at the important role the packing department played in the company’s function.
Soon learners realised that “packing” was quite a complex process, contrary to the assumption of it being merely about putting a few cartridges in a box.

Listening attentively to Rowan – packing is a very technical job!

There were plenty of technical terms discussed during the visit, such as ROI, Budgets, Customer Relations, Stakeholders, Volume, Surface Area, Safety Legislation,and many more.
Learners also got to see the final process of recycling material, which helped them put the important role of the cartridge dismantling work they do at GreenAble, into perspective.

The learners enjoyed a session of “bubble wrap” popping. This activity was followed by a lesson about the cost involved when the material cannot be utilised if there is no air in the little bubbles of the wrapping, since it is the air that forms the protection of the goods to be wrapped.

As this module also focuses on “Instruction” in the workplace, learners had an opportunity to use their own experiences to provide instructions for their fellow team members. We started off with the “Bread and Peanut Butter” activity which was enjoyed by everyone.

Lindiwe enjoying the “instruction” activity and an early lunch.

Each learner had to give detailed instruction on how to make a peanut butter sandwich to a partner. The task is aimed to help with the ability of giving detailed instructions that could be clearly interpreted and followed. The exercise ultimately resulted in a delicious snack for the learners.

We ended the week by having a quiz based on the last two modules we completed. The two teams were well-prepared (I am sure it was because of the promise of chocolates for the winners) and there was just 1 point difference in the two teams’ scores.

Neli and Pinky – “Giving instruction” role-play

By the end of the visit the learners had not only understood the emphasis behind time-management in their department, but also how the entire production line relies in all parties to contribute towards avoiding a standstill in the production line.

This group started off a little slowly, but can indeed be proud of what they have achieved as the learning programme has progressed.


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