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Team Leader 3 – Spar Graduation Ceremony

Team Leader 3 – Spar Graduation Ceremony

Posted By: Irene James on June 27, 2014

SPAR’s training centre in Phoenix, Durban, was transformed into a beautifully draped venue, with fairy lights, goodie bags and treats, and abuzz with excited, proud robed graduates.

The beautiful occasion, put together by HR Development Manager, Natalie Busby and her hard working team, laid the platform for a very happy occasion. The Dionysus team, Facilitator – Noah Chimonya, Programme Manager – Lindiwe Sithole and Director: Business Manager – Kennedy Moyo accompanied by myself, watched proudly as our candidates received their framed certificates.

Each of the SPAR programmes was professionally introduced. The Team Leader 3 learnership, presented by Dionysus, was introduced by Natalie Busby, who mentioned that the candidates had developed enormously and had grown in confidence. She mentioned that the candidates had each done a presentation to Management, that addressed a workplace problem/issue and suitable solution that they had identified. (These critical thinking skills is what Dionysus focusses on in the learnership.)

The solutions had been well received by the Warehouse Managers, and most, if not all of the solutions had been implemented. Natalie concluded her introduction to the Team Leader 3 learnership by stating that it was a first for SPAR, and made special mention made of Noah Chimonya, the Dionysus facilitator. She mentioned that the candidates raved about him, and that she had witnessed standards of evidence in the classroom that had astounded SPAR’s staff.

Prior to the presentation of the certificates, two Team Leader 3 graduates Nokulunga Mthetwa and Slindile Mkhize took the mike to have their say.

Nokulunga mentioned that she had been molded by the learnership, having gained a lot of knowledge and skills, and outlined the content of the learnership and its relevance for the workplace. She said that she felt very privileged to have been given the opportunity to participate in the learnership and thanked all stakeholders. She mentioned that she was the living product of the learnership, because she had started as a picker, and having done the Team Leader learnership through Dionysus, she had subsequently been promoted to the position of Despatch Controller.

Slie spoke from the heart and made special mention of their beloved facilitator, Noah, expressing the desire to embark on the next level, provided they could have him as their facilitator. She also mentioned their mentor, who was of great assistance to them during the learnership.

The beautiful venue for the 2014 SPAR Graduation Ceremony.

Martin Conradie, SPAR KZN Human Resources Director gave the vote of thanks. He stressed that a good education in whatever field, is the greatest gift the candidates could give themselves, and once it is given it cannot be taken away from them. He stated that the challenge, however, is how they use the learning that has been acquired i.e education is not what they learn, but rather what they do with what they learnt. He encouraged the candidates to ask themselves what had changed in them as a result of the programmes that they had been on – because that is what the Managers are looking for.   This is the indication of the return in investment (time and money).   The more positive change they see in the candidates, the more likelihood is that they will further invest in training.

He thanked everybody, including the KZN SPAR Human Resource team of Natalie, Beryl, Keshnie, Sandra and Ken Worman for putting on a fabulous show.

Dionysus team Noah Chimonya (facilitator), Lindiwe Sithole (Programme Manager), Irene James (CEO) and Kennedy Moyo (Director: Business Manager) with SPAR’s Human Resources Development Manager, Natalie Busby – second left.

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