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ASDSA Supports Skills Development Practitioners

ASDSA Supports Skills Development Practitioners

Posted By: Irene James on May 22, 2014

Calling all SDFs and associated stakeholders.  The ASDSA – Association for Skills Development in South Africa is a Section 21 company run by SDPs for SDPs.

Gill Connellan managed to get professional body status for ASDSA from SAQA.

The life of a Skills Development Practitioner (SDP) can be an altruistic, and often lonely one – and one that can drain the individual who has been appointed to ensure that employee’s training and development gaps are addressed – often at the expense of their own personal development.

But people who fill this responsibility in organisations generally have a love for the job – fortunately.

As an organisation, Dionysus members firmly believe in people development; in fact the corner stone of our service offering is development.  That’s why our slogan is “Loving People, Loving Development”. We not only believe in development, but are also avid supporters of initiatives that propel development and/or bodies that assist development.  The ASDSA is one such organisation.   It is a place where people performing the role of  Skills Development Practitioners, can gather to natter and chatter (and occasionally blow off steam), with like-minded people.  It’s an opportunity to compare notes and share the learnings – by sharing, the knowledge and experience is doubled!

ASDSA KZN committee members give unconditionally of their time and experience. We salute them.

The Association for Skills Development in South Africa (ASDSA) has made a name for itself for being a reputable organisation with a sound code of conduct and constitution.   In order to enhance their role, the ASDSA committee hosts information-sharing workshops and seminars on a monthly basis as an opportunity for all practitioners in the skills development sector to meet, discuss and continue improving the sector in its entirety.  They do all this simply for the love of the job – in addition to their full time employment within demanding companies.

We all know that the training department budget is usually the first one to be cut in times of crises – especially if the company does not have a culture of learning.  It is during these myopic moments of bad behaviour, that the skills development practitioner has to step in and contribute to ensuring that the company does not implode through a lack of trained or demotivated and disgruntled personnel.

Dionysus salutes ASDSA and all its altruistic members, including SDFs, facilitators, assessors, moderators and particularly other quality private providers.  Keep up the good work!

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