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The 21st Century Organisation

The 21st Century Organisation

Posted : May 29, 2014

The greatest asset of the 21st century organisation is a developed employee. Organisations who invest resources on training and skills development have a better chance of thriving in the dynamic economic  environment, their employees are better equipped with strategies to adapt to new challenges perpetuated by the tough global economic environment.

The issue of people development is a topical one, especially in organisations that want to keep abreast with new trends in training, skills development and people leadership. Such knowledge is critical to the survival of an organisation within the current tough economic climate.

John S MoCallum commenting on Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution said “dinosaurs are not alone in the history of evolution. Species that adapt best to their changing environment have the best chances of surviving, while those who do not adapt do not make it.” He went on to say organisations that do not adapt are in for a lot of trouble. He said the “Problem is Change”. The more rapid the pace of change the more dire the consequences of stubbornly sticking to old ways.

In John MoCallum’s comment it is clear that organisations need to adapt or they will face the threat of becoming extinct. As the employees get developed, they develop new techniques in adapting and surviving under the tough economic environment.

Dionysus is an organisations where people development forms an integral part of its function. As such Dionysus employees are up to date with most of the new trends in leadership and people development. We enjoy every opportunity we can get to share this knowledge with organisation that enlists our services.

One such company that has offered us the chance to do such is Kaytech Engineered Fabrics. We are facilitating a Management Learnership programme with 8 enthusiastic Team Leaders of their organisation. The training which is conducted at their Kaytech Atlantis offices in Cape Town, started their first module of 5 on the 15th of May .

The learnership is aimed at best equipping junior level leaders with some of the new trends in leadership, managing oneself and team work. The end result of this intervention is to see these leaders applying their learned skills in the workplace and therefore improving the efficiency of their teams.

We again look forward in being of assistance to an organisation that values its employees

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