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8 Tough-Minded Traits That Assure Success

Tough-minded people have grit at their core. They are persistent and resilient in the face of failure, loss, success and challenge. They are committed. Whatever they pursue gets their full attention and nothing less. No amount of hard work is too much to capitalize on a worthwhile opportunity. Because of their commitment they feel no temptation to slack. They stay ... Read More »

The 8 Signs of a Bad Leader

It’s an interesting conundrum. Say you’re a manager, a senior-level executive, or a human resources employee; your job is to be a leader, yes, but also to pick out leaders, to select who will be promoted, given extra responsibility, head up a project or team. How do you know who will make a great leader in a given circumstance? There ... Read More »

5 Influential CEOs Weigh in What Makes a Good Leader

The question is eternal: What makes a good leader? Predictably, we have no definitive answer. But one thing is certain: As business technologies and processes evolve, hot industries come and go and employee demographics shift, the best leaders are those who can change with the times. They’re the ones with foresight and adaptability, who don’t rule from a manual but ... Read More »

4 Personality Traits That Make You an Effective Leader

What makes a good leader? Which personality traits do the best trailblazers share? Every organization has its own benchmarks for determining who would make the best head of its teams, but are those qualities really all that different? Research in the field suggests that, on a broad level, employees and employers are looking for similar characteristics in their leaders — ... Read More »

A Simple Way to Feel Like You Have Way More Time

You don’t need to juggle your schedule or prune your commitments. You just need to do this. What if I told you the best and easiest way to start feeling like you have more time wasn’t to investigate your priorities or trim your commitments, but instead to add one more small item to your to-do list? You’d probably think I ... Read More »

You’re Too Busy? No, You’re Not. Here’s Why.

The other day our air conditioning system went down and I called the company who services the unit. They’re a good company. The person who I spoke to promised to schedule a service call and get back to me within the hour. One hour passed. Two hours. Finally, I called her back. “Oh, so sorry,” she said. “Things have been ... Read More »

Is Your Employee Training Keeping Up with Your Workplace?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to training. Every topic, company, workforce and generation has its own particular idiosyncrasies that may sway the approach in one direction or another. In the world of environmental, health and safety, organizations striving for safety excellence are seeking to move beyond simply complying with regulations to become champions of leading safety and learning practices in ... Read More »

Internal Recruitment: How Can You Overcome the Potential Pitfalls?

According to research from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and Grant Thornton professional services, although the UK economy is improving, many organisations are finding it difficult to recruit skilled staff. This presents an issue for many organisations: unless the right people can be found to continue this growth, it will undoubtedly slow. In an effort to ... Read More »

How You Manage Conflict Can Make Or Break Your Leadership Career

One of the most valuable skills any manager at any level can have is the ability to handle conflict effectively. It’s crucial. As anyone who’s managed a day or more likely knows, conflict abounds in the workplace. It can be about anything: budgets, personalities, competition for limited resources, competition with other leaders. It can be with those above you or ... Read More »

How E-Learning Can Increase Employee Productivity

Skill gaps and lack of focus can be overlooked and without access to training, cause a big dent in productivity. What starts out as a legitimate Google search for an Excel tip, soon turns into a Wikipedia wormhole and waste of time. This scenario occurs in virtually every office with internet access, and is a definite obstacle to productivity. Encouraging ... Read More »

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