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THE ACB’s of Computers – Acknowledging the Value Add

Any small business that relies on excellent, reliable service providers, will appreciate that in the training business, reliable technology is essential. Whether it is about printers printing quickly and not jamming, binding machines binding efficiently, laminators laminating smoothly, phones working….. But, of all the technology that a training provider relies on the most, it has to be the main server ... Read More »

Teamwork Improves the Quality of Learning and Career Success

  Learners learn better and develop higher-level skills by participating in co-operative (team) activities, compared to traditional classroom teaching methods. On doing our third module learners agreed to learn from other learners’ perceptions about the course.  The group created a more informal environment where they ate and shared experiences in the workplace.  We found that learners liked the co-operative activities ... Read More »

Designed at Zero Cost by Learners;

Designed at zero cost by learners; using available recycled resources. Management was pleased with this great piece of creativity. This will go a long way in reducing shrinkage. The foundation has been laid, the seed has been sown and signs of germination are evident. What is left is to harness and motivate this group of learners’ to keep up the ... Read More »

WOW, WoW, Wow!!!

The WOW Staff Awards are presented to individuals who, in additional to performing all their daily job duties with excellence, also demonstrate exceptional initiative in contributing and adding value to Dionysus.  These awards are a great honour bestowed upon the praiseworthy team members receiving them. Congratulations to Noah Chimonya, Debbie Mitchell and Phumzile Qata, who were recognized with these significant ... Read More »

Fabulous Facilitators in the Making

The learning venue was bristling with energy. Our team of candidates on facilitator training were a combination of exhilaration and exhaustion. Master facilitator, Irene James, had put them through their paces during the week long course, and they had this to say about it: “Yoh, yoh – but she is a task driver – just when I thought I had ... Read More »

Look How We Have Grown!

“WHAT A WONDERFUL TEAM OF DIONYSUS MEMBERS TO LOOK AFTER YOUR TRAINING NEEDS FOR A RETURN ON INVESTMENT”   2002 was a watershed year for me.  In years prior to that, I was fortunate to have been involved in the Hospitality Industry, where the order of the day was an outcomes based approach to training and education (the only way ... Read More »

Recipe for Growth

As the recently appointed Functions, Advertising and Promotions Manager for Dionysus, I have been amazed to see the energy and growth in this company. As the one time co-owner of the famous Fitzsimons Snake Park in Durban, I was accustomed to having slithery, cold blooded creatures around me. But Dionysus is the opposite. It is a motivating combination of warmth, ... Read More »

Feedback BA 3 Module 5 – Public Group

Thandeka  Mbanjwa,  joined our Public group for the BA 3 Learnership.  She is employed by Container World (Pty) Ltd.  The Dionysus Facilitator of this group, was most pleased with the commitment she displayed throughout the learnership and Thandeka demonstrated a very good understanding in most of the tasks and concepts.  She will contribute positively in her workplace.  Well done Thandeka. ... Read More »

Distell Springs Management Impressed by Dionysus Learners

The July 2012 intake learners worked diligently, researching and preparing their presentations which took place on Wednesday 3rd April 2013 in the Distell Springs Savanna Boardroom.  All sub-groups worked together as a team to come up with industrious ways for the company to innovate and save money. First up for Purple group were Themba Radebe, Nathi Tshakaca, Sindiswa Thamane. Their ... Read More »

Barrows Team Member 2013

There were 10 motivated, enthusiastic candidates who embarked on this Team Member Learnership.  The Team Members have been within the company working diligently and conscientiously for between 5-16 years.   Pravin, Eric, Hendric and other learners commented on how happy they are for working for their organisation and how excited they are to be able to participate in this learnership. These ... Read More »

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