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Why Is Employee Development So Elusive?

The excuses—such as it’s too expensive and takes time—are all rubbish. The apathy toward this critical business imperative has a significant ability to damage a business and is doing so across the world. Here’s how to make it different. The world is getting faster, more demanding, more competitive, smarter, and is changing constantly. Are employees doing the same? Are they ... Read More »

Eating the Elephant Five Bites at a Time

Leadership Development at the NHS Redefined “Impact measurement is all down to the workplace. An aspiring executive cannot pass the course without delivering measured service improvement—written up, validated through viva examination, externally moderated, and posted globally online to spread learning.” The National Health Service, a globally coveted UK icon and the world’s fourth-largest employer, is a single brand, but actually ... Read More »

Disruptive Forces Challenge Organizational Training Models

When a military man talks about disruption in any context it is a good idea to listen! Meet Garry Hearn, until recently the man in charge of designing and organizing learning strategy for British military units covering 44,000 service personnel. Garry was decorated by Queen Elizabeth II for his services to Military Education and Leadership. Now in “street civvies” with ... Read More »

Ask Questions

Most of the time, you can take better action if you ask a few questions first and then continue asking more. If you’ve been reading my column for a while, you’ll know I end each column with the same line: Until next time—add value and make a difference. Those aren’t just words—I mean them sincerely. Have you been taking them ... Read More »

Quiet Leaders— 5 Tips for Success

When introverts draw on their natural strengths as leaders, they often deliver even better outcomes than extroverts. Many people don’t associate introversion with leadership, but quiet leadership is not an oxymoron. In research for my book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking,” I found many examples of powerful quiet leaders—from Rosa Parks to Steve ... Read More »

What We Know Is Secondary to What We Help Others to Know

Are you a lecturer/expert or facilitator/learning catalyst? “Two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.” —Sydney J. Harris With a combined 40 years of training experience, we have had the opportunity to attend countless workshops as participants. During one workshop, one of us recalls a ... Read More »

Tracking Informal Learning

Observation, collaboration, and interaction with others are key ways employees learn their jobs and company culture, but can you measure how well it works? New employees may be given a formal onboarding orientation and an employee handbook, but one of the top ways they learn is informally—through watching, interacting, and collaborating with others. When a new hire spends the first ... Read More »

The Power of People

The term, “human capital,” was coined back in the 1960s by Nobel Prize-winning economist Theodore W. Schultz and later popularized by American economist Gary Becker. It is the understanding of, and commitment to, investing in human capital that sets world-class companies apart from their competitors. While there are several components to developing human capital such as talent acquisition, performance management, ... Read More »

The Art of Talent Science

HR now has the luxury of bolstering its talent intuition by aggregating job candidates’ data into sophisticated applications to be measured against the attributes and conditions of the top performers in specific positions. Organizations today are augmenting Human Resources (HR) intuition with analytics-based talent science. With the proliferation of big data analytics, HR finally has the luxury of aggregating job ... Read More »

Learning Technology Paves the Way for Change

Technology-enhanced learning will progressively evolve in the years ahead. We must be prepared to maximize that learning’s impact in the workplace. It seems you can learn almost anything online these days: writing articles, video-recording, using new software, even designing e-learning courses. But are we really learning? Transfer of learning is hard to gauge after you’ve completed a video-based learning module ... Read More »

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